Mayhem Underground 8/3/2012

I missed two Mayhem Underground‘s in a row due to illness and walking back into Pivo Pivo, into that atmosphere was just fantastic. It really is getting to be more and more like a second home than anything else. Walking into Mayhem Underground nights ignites a kind of excitement that I don’t generally find with local shows.

Tonight, three of Mayhem Underground’s strongest bands are playing together, A Ship Going Under, Insomniac and Let’s Play God are ready to ’cause Mayhem’ and after my unfortunate absence, I can’t wait to see them.

A Ship Going Under

A Ship Going Under, a band like the other two tonight just get better and better every time I see them and did exactly what I expected tonight… They blew me away. Their chemistry as a band has lead to their performances being very tight, entertaining and tonight, finally, completely confident.

Yes, it’s true! A Ship Going Under finally have the confidence to pull off their gritty sound! It’s sad but true that metal bands NEED to be as ballsy as possible if they’re going to be taken seriously and my problem with ASGU the last couple of times I’ve seen them I’ve had issues with them not doing enough outside of the music to connect with their audience, I’m absolutely thrilled to say they now have the whole package… Great sound, great look, great chemistry and great on-stage presence.

If you haven’t seen them yet, get a move on. Or you can visit their Facebook page here


Tonight Insomniac are taking to the Pivo stage yet again, they are becoming something of a ‘regular’ band at Mayhem Underground. They have came on to the stage with a little more attitude, a little more intensity and the confidence that carries them through every show lately.

Guitarist Neevo Burrell is being extremely experimental tonight and apart from one or two slight glitches, his playing is the best I’ve ever seen it. He seems to go into his own world when he plays that guitar and the same can be said for the rest of the band, too. I’m not 100% certain but I’m pretty sure I heard hints of improvisation from the two guitarists this evening.

There were one or two technical glitches that the band responded completely professionally to but once again, Insomniac have put on a stellar performance and it is always, always a pleasure to see them live. Diamonds in the rough.

Lets Play God

Finally, for the first time since November, Lets Play God take to the stage. Tonight is a mere 10 days away from their performance at Hammerfest and after having months off from performing, it’s plain to see that LPG have missed being on stage. Not least of all because vocalist Rob Grinch says repeatedly to the crowd ‘I fucking missed you!’.

One of the highlights of the show was one of their new songs ‘Suck It Up’, an anthem perfectly suited to LPG’s attitude and charisma. Guitarist Gregg Clark‘s rising confidence has lead to far more intricate, experimental solos which just make the LPG sound rocket.

One thing Lets Play God always do is get a crowd going. Even on some of their not-so-good nights, they have still managed to bring a crowd to life and tonight they did this so well that the crowd actually joined them on stage for their performance of Spineless. The crowd then went on to demand one more song and assist vocalist Rob Grinch in a crowd surf.

… We missed you too, Lets Play God!

Incredible night. One of the ones that reminds us all not only why we got involved with Mayhem Underground but why we stuck around; it’s a community and a fucking brilliant one at that. We’ve become a hard rockin’ family and bit by bit, every band is improving and more fans are being found. Best night we’ve had since the start and hopefully how the rest of the nights will be.


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