‘Love All, Trust Few, Do Wrong To None’

Recently there was a video of a female Scottish drug addict who was begging for money. A group of men responded by asking her to get her breasts out in return for the money (£1.60). The woman said yes and did so and in response the men ran away, she didn’t get her money and whatever scrap of dignity she had left went out the window. For the sake of a bunch of men having a ‘laugh’.

While the video itself is shocking, disturbing and frankly, vile, people’s reactions on social networking sites were just as bad. There were people saying it made them proud to be Scottish, people saying they found it hysterical and so on and so forth. The thing is, the video didn’t come across as anything but disturbing and reactions raise a few questions such as:

  • Is society so jaded that nothing is shocking any more?
  • Are drug addicts written off and no longer considered people?
  • Why is there such a dangerous lack of compassion?

This woman is at such a low point in her life that she will humiliate and degrade herself in public for the sake of £1.60. Of course, there is the argument that she would only spend it on drugs but that in itself is incredibly sad, beingso desperate and so far gone that the scraps of money they get don’t go towards living expenses, they go towards drugs. It’s a sad state of affairs and considering the only certainty there is is that this is the one chance we get, the fact that hers (and many others) are such an absolute waste is nothing short of devastating.

It’s easy to look down from a comfortable lifestyle at people who are suffering due to their own mistakes but it’s also cowardly. These people need help, desperately. They are drains on society, yes but so are a LOT of other things. That doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

Not everyone is strong, not everyone is surrounded by support, not everybody knows there are way to escape such dire lifestyles and not everyone should be judged for their mistakes as ones such as drug addiction are life-changing but nobody is necessarily exempt.

It’s worrying that these things have to be pointed out, that such a foul video would  make people feel ‘proud to be Scottish’. Take a second and realise that drug addicts are people just like you and I.


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