In the Lonely Hours When the Truth Begins to Bite…

Last night I did something that for a few precious hours made me feel proud and empowered. Not even 24 hours later, I am full of disgust and self-loathing. I am also feeling humiliated beyond words.

As I posted a few days ago, I intended to attend and fully support a protest against the exploitation of musicians. As part of the run-up to this, a stage ambush with myself and three others was planned. A musician went on stage in disguise and myself and two others went on stage in t-shirts saying ‘Stay Away from Pay to Play’. 

I did this because I am wholeheartedly against Pay to Play and I wanted to change the face of the Glasgow music scene, for the better. My intentions were good, my research and instincts were not. This gig was a Jay B Promotions show and I was informed that in order to play, you need to sell 20 tickets and make up the money for the tickets not sold. I was told Jay B makes upwards of £500 a week through this and obviously, that would be vile and I was fully behind the cause.

So, up I went on stage with the others, feeling sick to the stomach with nerves but keeping in mind the whole time that it was for a good cause and was worth the nerves and energy wasted. I stood there and listened to her talk about how vital this was, how much she’d been ripped off and I thought good for you, girl! This takes guts! 

Today, after a lot of angry e-mails and messages I have found out that Jay B does not run a Pay to Play scheme and in fact gives bands 50% of ticket sales regardless of how many are actually sold. No band walks away empty handed. One of the best deals I have come across. I know how hard it is to even break even as a promoter so Jay B’s policy is extremely impressive.

I found out that she did this to spread word of the protest and had actually told people that it wasn’t anything against the promoter or venue itself, more a statement against the scheme itself.

So, now, here I am feeling devastated, ashamed and disgusted. I have been told I was brave for doing it and brave for apologising when I found out I was duped. I don’t feel brave, I feel sick to the stomach and, to be frank, I really hate myself for what I did. I’m not a malicious person and I never do things with malicious intent. I did what I did last night out of compassion.

My biggest mistake was not doing research, not looking into what I was protesting against and blindly trusting somebody. It’s the firs time since I started working within the Glasgow music scene that I have been badly burned and I am full of remorse and regret. I was stupid. Not brave, stupid.

I want to apologise to Jay B Promotions (again) and state that I am no longer in any way affiliated with her or this protest on Sunday. I am angry, I am ashamed and I am extremely sorry.

No matter how good you think people are, always check the facts to save yourself from this kind of humiliation. It’s a lesson learned and I’m grateful for that but I wont be making the same mistake twice.




  1. Hi Pop Cop, It takes far more guts to publicly admit that you have been duped,misinform, & misled, & for that you have my respect and admiration, Jay B is actually one of the good guys that tries to promote gigs with some sense of fairness towards all bands. There has been mention of other promoters that would have been prime candidates, so you can at least take some credit that these other Pay To Play promoters have been previously, named & shamed in your blogsite, not however by yourself, but by bands they have historically misused.
    Some good has also come from your original post on Pay To Pay,
    A list of recommended promoters, which I gratefully took note of
    Duggie Kyle

    1. Thank you very much for this. He really is one of the good guys and I’m glad I’ve made a change. Thank you for sharing this article- I’ve had even more support since you did so. xo

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