Day 03: Your thoughts on religion.

Most of the time, I think ‘live and let live’. I personally don’t like religion, I’m not a religious person though also not an atheist and I’m not wholly bothered by people who are religious who keep to themselves. I like to leave people who aren’t harming anybody to their own lives and I realise whatever religion they support for whatever reason is none of my business.

However, religious or not, I despise people enforcing their beliefs on to others. Atheists are just as guilty of preaching as religious people it seems lately and, honestly, it’s infuriating. I’m happy to have a joke about religion and do consider some religions to be utterly ridiculous but to victimise those who believe in a certain religion is beyond my comprehension; why attack people for what they believe in?

I’m aware of the harm religion causes the world, in fact I’d go as far to say that religion does as much harm on Earth as greed does and if we had a little less of both, we’d have a happier, cleaner planet. I’m disgusted by some of the passages in the bible and of course by how certain belief systems leave no place for any kind of individuality but I feel that all of this has been, and will be covered by more intelligent, informed people than myself.

Most of all though, I don’t believe in letting anything or anyone dictate my life. That includes religion. I believe that life is too short to live it according to a God who may or may not exist and I believe that people are stronger than they realise and have the ability to find their way without any kind of religion.


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