Skeleton Verse Review

Skeleton Verse- The Calm Before the Storm

Skeleton Verse are a four piece metal band from Scotland. The Calm Before the Storm is their recently released EP.

After seeing them at Mayhem Underground, I can honestly say seeing them live is an experience in itself, they are an incredibly talented, infectious band that put on a fantastic live show. I’d take seeing them live over listening to their album any time.

The Calm Before the Storm is an explosive album dealing with politics, alcohol addiction and mental illness. Drawing their sound from influences such as Rage Against The Machine and Deftones, their sound is aggressive, intelligent and quite unforgettable. This album, however, gets a little repetitive to the point that I wasn’t sure where one song was ending and another beginning, it’s a small flaw that I didn’t find in the live performance obviously but certainly doesn’t make the album any less exciting and impressive.

Definitely worth having a listen to but in all honesty, I’d recommend their live performance more.



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