Day 05: Ten things you’d like to say to ten different people, without using names.

  1. I think we could have had a great friendship if all the nonsense didn’t happen. We are really similar people who get on really well and I respect you a hell of a lot. I don’t think you feel the same about me but it’s fine. 
  2. I never really thought about it properly until today but you have been an amazing friend to me. It’s nice to feel understood and accepted without really having to say or do much. I am so glad I met you.
  3. I am the worst and the best person towards you. I hate how much you know about me but it secretly makes me quite happy as well, you see right through me and always have. I’m so sorry about the bad times we’ve been through and I’m sorry about pain I’ve caused you but I have never, ever loved somebody as much as I love you and I am a better person just because I know you. You’ve changed my life, my perspective, everything. You’re so incredible and it doesn’t go unnoticed, ever. 
  4. You have so many stories, you’ve seen so many places and you have so much love to give. I wish you saw yourself how amazing you are because then you wouldn’t be giving up on happiness. You are a beautiful person inside and out and you have so much to give. Keep pushing and keep fighting, you deserve better than what you’re doing to yourself . 
  5. I’m glad you’re finally doing things for yourself. It’s about time. I love you so much and in the words of Bruce Springsteen ‘your strength is devastating’
  6. You’re one of my best friends and I’ve never even met you. Things can’t always be bad and you’re a seriously talented writer. Stay strong, it’ll be worth it in the end. America wont know what’s hit it.
  7. You’re my biggest hero and you don’t even know it. If I hit your age and I’m even half the person you are, I’ll be happy
  8. You’re otterly gorgeous and a much better person than you think. You’re my spirit animal.
  9. I really resent you for turning your back on me but I’m going to stop trying with you now.
  10. I’m happy you’re happy. I’m glad we’re happy. Thank you for being such a great friend to me through the good and bad times, it wont ever be forgotten

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