Did My Back Hurt Your Knife? [Playlist]

Lately, I’ve had a tiny bit of drama in my life. I always have something going on but this has left me feeling pretty bitter and worn out. I’m not going to explain what happened (sorry!) but what I will say is you really don’t know people as well as you think you do, ever.

The whole mess has left me feeling bitter, disillusioned and generally quite beaten down. So, I decided to make a playlist to help me out! This will be a weekly feature, every Wednesday I’ll put up a new playlist. They’ll always be quite varied and will relate to something in my life but will hopefully come in better circumstances.

Click here for it!

Track list:

Ampersand- Amanda Palmer
Down- Blink-182
Man Overboard- Blink-182
Positively 4th Street- Bob Dylan
Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right- Bob Dylan
For You- Bruce Springsteen
4 Words (To Choke Upon)- Bullet For My Valentine
Delilah- Dresden Dolls
DOA- Foo Fighters
Generator- Foo Fighters
Nice Guys Finish Last- Green Day
Live and Let Die- Guns N Roses
My Last Serenade- Killswitch Engage
This Is What Makes Us Girls- Lana Del Rey
Kick You When You’re Down- Machine Head
Bite the Bullet/The Chase Is Better Than the Catch- Motörhead
Fight- Motörhead
(Don’t Let ‘Em) Grind Ya Down- Motörhead
Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye- Motörhead
Just Cos You Got the Power- Motörhead
Walk- Pantera
Everything Ends- Slipknot
Hell & Consequences – Stone Sour
Sillyworld- Stone Sour
Crucify- Tori Amos
Pale Blue Eyes- The Velvet Underground


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