I Got Sunshine On A Cloudy Day…

I have been very kindly nominated for a sunshine Blog Award by beautyandthebestoftherest!

This is all entirely new to me so excuse me if I’m a tad hopeless at this. I am truly touched that I was nominated, though. It was a lovely gesture.

The rules of receiving this award are:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post on your blog
  • Nominate 10 other blogs
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself

The blogs I nominate:

  • Emily at A Diet of Broken Biscuits. Funny, intelligent and incredibly honest
  • Milly at Mini Adventures, very versatile blog and she is easily my style icon! Loved her blog from afar for a very long time.
  • P at Insert My Blog Name Here. I can’t even remember what got me following P but I absolutely adore her writing, her stories and her sense of humour
  • Carla at MessyCarla cute and quirky lifestyle/fashion blogger.
  • Julie at The Beauty Hooligan another quirky blogger! Really great make-up advice as well as reviews of affordable products
  • Mich at You Don’t Need a Cock to Rock. A rockin’ 20 something lady from Glasgow who I have grown to absolutely adore just through her blog! Funny, interesting and really down to Earth.
  • Mark at Brain Echo. Remember when I said I was worried about the quality of my writing? This guy is the reason I got worried. Fantastic writing.
  • Smidge at Miss Smidge. A versatile blog written by a lovable lady from Edinburgh.
  • DMC at The Daily Doodles. I interviewed DMC quite a while ago. This is probably my favourite blog ever. Really, just have a look through it.
  • Kayleigh at The Growing of a Rose. Admittedly, this blog is rather bare but I know Kayleigh personally and she is a very talented writer and worth keeping an eye on.

For my 10 questions, I decided to just pick a simple ‘About Me’ survey, old school Myspace style!

  1. What is your favorite tv show?
    Peep Show,  by far. Funny, clever and utterly ridiculous. I never tire of it!
  2. What is your favourite colour?
    Aubergine. It’s gorgeous.
  3. What is your favourite food?
    Potatoes! So versatile, so tasty. I’m currently on a low card diet and miss them so much
  4. Who is your role model?
    At the moment, Amanda Palmer
  5. What is your favourite vintage find?
    Old Batman comics for my boyfriend I suppose.
  6. Favourite ice cream flavour?
    Cookies and cream! YUM.
  7. What is your favourite film?
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  8. Favourite song?
    Just Like Heaven- The Cure
  9. Favourite book?
    Nineteen Eighty Four- George Orwell
  10. Favourite item of clothing?
    Probably my cowboy boots.

Please note that if I have tagged you in this, you don’t need to feel obliged to do anything about it if you don’t want to, I just happen to love your blog! 


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