Just ‘Cause You Got the Power, That Don’t Mean You Got the Right

Just before the Queen’s Jubilee, Gerard Mahoney who is known amongst his peers to be a very funny guy posted a Facebook status on his feelings about the Jubilee and the Olympics which was this:

“Honestly cannae think of anythin less appealing than the olympics or the jubilee. Can we no just kinda merge them together and have wan big pishy event, get them oot the road? We can set the queens dress on fire wae the olympic torch and the first tae punch her on the neck gets a medal. Fuckin useless boot. Would rather staple ma dick tae a fence and dae a backflip than celebrate anythin tae do with the royal family. So… the olympics. Basically thousands of folk watchin people run. If I wanted tae watch folk runnin, I’d shoot somebody on the arse wae a pellet gun fae ma room window, shower of fuckin shite. I’m well pessimistic but its true. Any cunt that enjoys watchin the queen pretendin tae enjoy wavin at us peasants needs a fuckin reality check and a hatchet wound tae the foreheed – thats the status in its entirety.”

Just under a month after this was posted, the CID turned up at his work asking him to take it down as it was seen as a terrorist threat. Now, a month since the CID visited him, he’s had another visit from the police but this one was a little different and unlike the first, was unprovoked.

I spoke to Gerard about the events to not only tell this (ludicrous) story but to also spread awareness of this police officer’s awful attitude and actions:

Did you think there would be any repercussions at-all, legal or not?

I didnt expect any repercussions AT-ALL. I think the whole think should be taken as a joke, you can tell it was tongue in cheek by the context.

So the first time the police came to you, what happened, what was said? Were you worried about the situation at-all?

The first time the police came, it was in the form of the CID visiting my work. Initially I thought, “has something happened to my family?” but then they filled me in (very politely) as to what the situation was. To be honest, I struggled not to laugh through the whole conversation. I thought the first visit was the last visit.

After that did you feel you had to be more wary of what you posted?

I felt like they were maybe watching what I was saying, but I’m not afraid of posting anything. I know my limits and I dont think my queen status was offensive or intimidating at-all.

The second time, tell me what happened with the police, how did you feel? 

The second time the police visited was ridiculous. A smaller guy (very professional) and a taller guy, who was out of order. He seemed like he had a personal vendetta, his tone was venemous and he even went as far as saying “don’t go to the event involving the Queen or you’ll be arrested or maybe even kicked the shit out of”, I don’t know whether he meant I’d be beaten by royalists or by him, but his tone was definitely threatening.

Do you feel you’ve been slightly victimised or that the police are wasting their own time?

I dont feel victimised at-all, but it takes a lot for me to feel victimised. I DO think its a massive waste of MY time AND police time.

Aside from this interview do you intend on taking this case any further?

I would have taken it further if I’d known the cheeky officer’s name. He was cheeky to my mum as well and was rewarded by a dose of attitude, because she doesnt like being made to look a fool. [The police officer in question also turned up to Gerard’s home where he lives with his mother. He told her that he didn’t find the joke funny and was remarkably rude to her and she responded with shutting the door in his face] I can’t see what else I could do but that officer is still making my blood boil.
My mum is VERY angry, I think it was the offensive guy that set it off, she initially thought it was all a bit funny but when he turned up her opinion changed.

Thank you for your time.

I am disgusted by this whole situation. At first, as Gerard said, it was funny but now it’s not only ridiculous, it’s worrying. How many criminals are not being punished because police time is being wasted on such a petty situation? How much more effective would the time spent on Gerard have been if it were spent on criminals who actually are a danger to other people’s lives.

I have a lot of respect for the police as an entirety but this is an obvious abuse of power on his part and he is acting like nothing more than a school bully but with far more power and control. 



  1. i totally agree this is a shocking waste of police time. not long after this my friend also had a visit from a police officer for making jokes about the queens visit. so in dumbarton two people have been harrassed by the police becaus ethey made fun of the queen.

    1. It’s good that taxpayer’s money is going on searching out the REAL criminals… /sarcasm.

      1. agreed my friend simply stated he would watch paint dry than the queen, and that it was funny that the place was getting cleaned up to hide the fact its a s*** h***, the police arrived at his door and told him not to post about the queen anymore. disgrace!

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