Sarah Saw: The Holiday

Title: The Holiday
Starring: Jack Black, Kate Winslet, Jude Law & Cameron Diaz
Genre: Romcom

I should really pre-empt this by saying I am a sucker for love films regardless of how good they are, even if I know I’ll never watch them again, I will almost definitely have a good cry. The only thing that makes me a little more mushy over love films is love films set at Christmas time.

I won’t pretend that The Holiday is incredibly unique. Aside from there being a house-swap for the winter, everything was pretty cliché. One hard ass woman who’s also a work-a-holic, one weak woman who has been in love with the same man for 3 years. Both of them start the film finding themselves very much single.

What I will say though, is that it is incredibly lovely. It’s a feel-good film that is perfect for Christmas. The main characters are easily to relate to, the acting is fantastic. I’m not a Jack Black fan -at all- and I loved him in this. There were throwbacks to old romantic films as well as watching characters develop. Winslet’s character doesn’t magically turn into a kick-ass woman who nobody messes with but she does find her voice and her feet which is something that people CAN believe in and doesn’t take away from how endearing her character is. In fact, it adds to it.

It’s predictable, it’s heart-warming and yeah, it is a bit of a weepy one. It’s also funny which means I might be able to talk my boyfriend into watching it with me next time! I’d give it 3.5/5. Nothing special but certainly quenches my seemingly never-ending thirst for mush.


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