Weekly Playlist//Bloody-Handed Guys Like Us

Weekly playlists are obviously a weekly feature where I’ll post a playlist of my own or one I’ve discovered and loved by somebody else. 

01. The Alphabet Serial Song | Amoree Lovell
02. Terrible Things | April Smith & the Great Picture Show
03. I’m Going To Be A Murderer | Bitter Ruin
04. Westfall | Okkervil River
05. Polly | Amanda Palmer & the Grand Theft Orchestra
06. Girl With One Eye | Florence + the Machine
07. Killer | the Hoosiers
08. Killbot 2000 | Murder By Death
09. Culling Of The Fold | the Decemberists
10. A Little Piece Of Heaven | Avenged Sevenfold
11. Screaming Bloody Murder | Sum 41
12. Scavenger | Emilie Autumn
13. Where The Wild Roses Grow | Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds with Kylie Minogue
14. The Necklace of Marie Antoinette | Hannah Fury

In keeping with my ‘I’M SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWEEN’ month, I decided to feature this awesome playlist I discovered on Tumblr from user Dear-Monday. It speaks for itself, really, doesn’t it? Download it here.


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