Sarah Saw//The Five People You Meet In Heaven

Sarah Saw is a weekly feature in which I speak about a book or film I’d enjoyed through the week.

This week I read the 2003 Mitch Albom novel The Five People You Meet In Heaven. The book is centred around Eddie, an old man who has spent the majority of his life working at a fairground as the ‘maintenance man’. The book begins with his death and what follows is his journey to heaven. In which he meets, you guessed it, five people. At this point, I was expecting the people to be people who were most prominent in his life; his parents, his wife, his friends but I was completely wrong. He meets people whose lives have affected him and whose he has affected despite not knowing or barely knowing them.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a story written to make us realise our importance in this world and teaches us what really matters. I’ve always been a sucker for magic, fairytales and fables so this was entirely up my street but I do honestly think it’s the kind of  book that everyone can relate to and gain something from.

It was a simple, beautifully written book and a fresh take on what happens to us once we die. It was also a little preachy which is common and almost to be expected with inspirational books such as this but I still 100% recommend it. It’s a modern day fable which is slightly reminiscent of the 1946 classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.  At 208 pages, it’s short and sweet.


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