The Music Brought Us Out, Babe and We Ain’t Ever Been Back…

Sometimes I sit and think about what my favourite band mean to me and it blows me away a little.

At any given moment you can ask me who my favourite artist is that week and it’ll probably differ from week to week but if you ask me my all-time favourite artist, it never changes. It’s Motörhead, it probably always will be. Obviously it’s predominantly their music but I also love them for their attitude, their strength, their unity as a band and maybe even their cult status. Motörhead have been there for me at times when nobody else has been or could have been, their music, their motto and their general attitude is a huge part of who I’ve become and who I want to be.

I could speak about this all day and if you really want  me to, bring a bottle of rosé over for me and we’ll make a day of it. I won’t be doing it here, though. I imagine most people don’t really care too much about my deep-rooted-almost-creepy love for Motörhead and that’s fine, I want to speak about everyone else’s favourite bands.

When I first meet people in a casual setting, I tend to ask them who their favourite band are and from there, I feel like I have a good idea of who they are. It is judgemental, it’s definitely shallow but if you think about it, your favourite band are very much a reflection on who you are. I should maybe make it clear that I don’t judge you in a ‘that band you like are shite therefore you are inept at choosing music’. It’s more of a judgement on the band/artist’s music, attitude, motto and how that relates to who I think you are. For example, one of my best friends loves the Smiths and Morrisey. I don’t share this love at-all but did instantly think that she was a very profound person who found most of her solace and inspiration through lyrics above all else. I also reckoned that she was politically minded and had a dark sense of humour. I was completely right.

This is what I think makes your favourite band your favourite. Not just the music, the live performances but what they mean to you as a person. How they literally changed who you are in a lot of ways and how you see the world. It’s the band that no matter what the occasion, work. They are the music you party to, relax to, get over a broken heart with, put the world to rights with. They are there for all the seasons and no matter what, they’re there beside you for the ride. You can go weeks or months without them actually but going back feels like going home.



  1. I find myself doing that too, once I get an idea of what sort of music they listen to I get a general idea of what that they’re like. Some of my favourite bands are As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Rise To Remain and Machine Head

    1. Machine Head are one of my favourites too. I’m so glad someone else does it, haha. I worried that people would think I was a bit strange for it.

      1. I know what you mean though I fell like I’m being really judgemental and I know that someone’s music taste doesn’t define that person but for first impressions it helps to give you an idea of that sort of person

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