Tattoo Thursday// Laura Collins

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This week’s Tattoo Thursday is with Laura Collins whose music reviews you can find here.

The most obvious reason for getting a Tomb Raider tattoo is that I’m a Tomb Raider fan. But it’s not merely a case of playing the latest games and enjoying them, my love goes much deeper and way back into my childhood.
When I was 7 years old I remember being dragged into PC World with my parents and being bored out of my mind while they looked around. After a while, a computer towards the front of the store caught my eye and intrigued me instantly. It was playing automated level demos on repeat, over and over, of Tomb Raider. I was completely drawn in and couldn’t stop watching, and told my dad on the way home that I wanted the game with the “running, jumping and swimming lady”.
From then on I was on a mission to play the Running, Jumping and Swimming Lady game. I called it this for the longest time until my dad returned home from work one day and said he saw the name of the game was Tomb Raider. Little did I know then that the trip we’d been on to PC World was infact my parents trying to decide on which home computer to buy for Christmas. And sure enough, under the Christmas tree that year, I opened Tomb Raider, and also Tomb Raider II that had just come out in time for that Christmas.
I became obsessed. I spent all my breathing moments playing Tomb Raider. Every game that followed I had to purchase. I played them a lot with my dad, and we used to compete against each other with who had gotten the furthest, or who was going to complete it first. When the big Tomb Raider boom happened in the late 90s, and Lara Croft’s face was on every piece of merchandise you could possibly think of, I owned it all. My bedroom was covered in Tomb Raider posters, I had pyjamas, t-shirts, socks, toys, models, all the games, limited edition Playstation and PC magazines… at one point I even refused to drink anything but Lucozade, because for a limited time they renamed it “Larazade” and had Lara Croft’s face on it. I also have certain memories, both wonderful and painful, attached to Tomb Raider that have happened through life, but they would take an essay to go into.
Lara Croft is of course one of the most iconic gaming figures of our time. Even if you aren’t a gaming fan there is a chance you have heard of the Tomb Raider franchise at some point. And with the brand having been such a big part of my life, and also being a tattoo fan, it only made sense that I plastered her face on me somewhere.
So the piece I got was done on the top of my left thigh. For Lara, we used a reference from one of Andy Park’s original pieces of art, the guy behind the drawings for Top Cow Comics’ Tomb Raider series. From there, my tattoo artist added to it as we went along until we’d come up with a scene worthy of a classic Tomb Raider game. And being a history geek aswell, I loved all the historical ruins we added to it. The photo quality isn’t that great as it was taken upside down by myself on an evening time with poor lighting, but hopefully the detail is detectable.
When I play the old school games I instantly get a burst of childhood nostalgia.. And now I also have a piece of artwork on my thigh to commemorate that.

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