Flashback Friday//John and Yoko: Remember Love

This day in 1966 was the day John Lennon met Yoko Ono for the first time. He met her at an art exhibition of hers in London. To most hardcore Beatles fans, Yoko is the anti-christ. She is what ended the Beatles and eventually, John Lennon. She put the final nails in the broken relationship of John and Julian Lennon and she still cashes in on John’s death to this day. I can’t say I disagree. I do think the accusations of her being solely responsible for the death of The Beatles are a little far-fetched; they were an incredibly popular band who were in the limelight almost constantly. It was inevitable that they’d collapse under the weight of such pressure.

While I understand the resentment, I can’t help but feel that after 32 years and Yoko doing a hell of a lot for charity, it might be time to stop being bitter. The thing is, John Lennon loved Yoko. He always did. They were positive influences for one another, they were artistically a match made in heaven. John Lennon found in Yoko what he had always been looking for, he found somebody who understood his thought processes, his ideals. He found his match and while they had a rocky relationship, there was still love there. John Lennon wasn’t always a nice man but he was always a loving man. Love and peace were at the core of his soul and what he’d want from his fans would be acceptance and love towards Yoko.



  1. I agree. I´m a massive Beatles fan, but I´m not a Yoko hater. They were breaking up anyway. Yoko got a very raw deal, mainly because she looked so different and the press in particular were very xenophobic back then. I can understand why the other Paul and George were passive aggressive towards her though. It wasn´t ideal that John brought her in for all the sessions, but he was in love and wanted to be with her all the time. They both did great work raising awareness, and Yoko still keeps the candle burning to this day. That said, I´m not her biggest fan musically, and I would have liked to have heard “Double Fantasy” with just John´s compositions.

    1. I completely agree you’ve actually put it better than I have in a lot of respects. I do think the band were right to be irritated but fans can’t seem to really explain themselves.

      And yes, I have to agree, musically definitely not a fan. I’m not even sure I am a fan of her, I just don’t hate her and can see that she’s done well. It’s not healthy to hate somebody based on press bias and silly rumours.

      1. Yep, John seemed to like her music, but he had a bit of a blindspot there for some reason 😉 . Her ideas inspired Imagine among other songs He wrote Happiness is a Warm Gun, Don´t Let Me Down, half of Julia, Jealous Guy (originally Child of Nature) and tonnes of others about her too, so Beatles fans should have a bit of balance if they think about it that way. John loved her anyway, so that´s good enough for me. I read a couple of biographies and they went over the top in their criticism of her. It was very unfair. Seems she´s much more well-liked these days anyway. She took part in the Liverpool, City of Culture festival recently. Seems her work is being re-appraised, and she´s getting a bit more credit as an artist these days.

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