If I Offended You, You Needed It

When I receive messages about this blog and the interviews I’ve done, they’re mostly complimentary and friendly. I have had a few people being irritated at the people I’ve interviewed and I’ve been fine with it; if I’m not provoking a reaction, I’m not doing as well as I want to.

Then, though, I get the people that say it outright offends them. I’ve been told the bad language on here offends them and in all fairness to myself, I keep it down to a minimum. I live in Glasgow and have done for five years; swearing is second nature to me but I don’t always swear when writing on public platforms. If people I’m interviewing swear, I’m not going to block the word out or put asterisks in place of what they say. Why should I? My blog has a lot of adult content, it is not aimed at children and I don’t want to patronise my readers by doing that with swear words. If you can handle the news, you can handle ‘bad’ words and if not, don’t come on here.

Some are upset that sex has been spoken about a lot and I’m not really sure how they expect this to be remedied. Should I stop writing about it because you’re uncomfortable? It’s quite easy to avoid, don’t read the posts and if you have your own blog, don’t write about sex. To come on to a blog, even one as small as this and tell the writer what not to write about is ludicrous. It’s a little self-absorbed as well; just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean others wont and why should anyone change what they’re doing when it’s harmless and offending you?

What I’m saying is, I realise that I drive some people away by having these things on my blog. I realise that people are put off by such things and the biggest blogs out there don’t have talk of swearing or sex and hats off to them for doing so well but I was never intending to be the biggest blogger out there. I have no intention of being most people’s cup of tea, in fact the idea kind of saddens me. If I’ve pissed you off, GOOD, I’m glad! It means that I’ve done something that’s made you feel strongly and I’d rather do that than be liked by all. If you love my blog then thank you very much, you’re welcome here at all times.

If you’re so easily offended that profanity and talk of sex upset you then this really isn’t the blog for you and I’m not the kind of person you’ll ever find yourself warming to. There are scarier things out there than bad words.



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