That’s Why They Call Me Bad Company…

When I was initially diagnosed with Endometriosis, I was handed leaflets with information on the condition and websites for support groups. I knew straight from the off that I wouldn’t seek out any support groups or really even speak to fellow sufferers. I spoke about it with friends and family but in my mind, support groups can easily end up being detrimental to recovery and acceptance.

My recovery from depression was largely due to ‘getting on with it’. Admittedly, it took a good few months for me to convince myself to ‘get on’ with anything but a lot of things just couldn’t be ignored. Like Mayhem Underground and paperwork. Staying busy and taking medication were my cures. The more I spoke to others who were depressed, the more depressed I felt. I felt as if it was all I could be and all I’d achieve.  When I spoke to those who weren’t depressed, I felt pathetic. When I spoke to those who had been depressed, I felt hope that I could recover. There were times that I was convinced I’d never recover of course but the glimmers of hope came after a day of being productive and with speaking to those who had recovered.

Something I’ve noticed a lot on Tumblr within the social justice and chronic illness pages is people becoming almost obsessed with their condition. As if it’s something that they are rather than something that they have and this is where I feel that support forums can leave people. A lot of illnesses and diseases are hard to ignore but by immersing yourself in forums and only speaking to others who are suffering, you have no chance of living a relatively normal life. The hardest thing I’ve learned through OCD, depression and Endometriosis is that life goes on regardless, the world doesn’t stop for you and the best way of kicking the arse of something that’s taking over your life is by doing whatever you can to live as normally as possible, this isn’t possible if it encompasses your life.




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