Tattoo Thursday//Ryan Maynard Earnes

Tattoo Thursday is a new theme that appears on a weekly basis where people will be showcasing and discussing their tattoos. If you are interested in getting involved, e-mail me at! 

Im Ryan Maynard Eames, I got my tattoo from Madhouse Tattoo in Hertfordshire. Im 18, im studying Product Design at UWE Bristol, im from Hertford

First and foremost where did you get this tattoo and would you recommend the studio?

It was done at Madhouse Tattoo in Hertfordshire. , I would recommend it highly, really nice guys in there.
Why did you get this tattoo?
I have always liked candy skulls and to commemorate the passing of my grandad.

How did family and friends react?

My friends all like it, my mother was not as impressed and my father has not seen it!

Do you plan to get more?

I plan to fill up the rest of my arm, I currently have an owl on my inside forearm and plan to have a 3/4 sleeve to start with.

What advice would you give to somebody who plans on getting a tattoo?

It doesn’t always have to have a meaning, if you like it then its your choice. Find an artist you feel comfortable with and go and talk to them about your ideas, they know what they are talking about. Turn up to appointments on time and follow the rules/advice! Always go to a professional!

Do you regret it?

Not at-all!



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