24 Before 24

Remember in March I said I was going to do 23 things before I turned 23?

I then fell (more) ill and didn’t have enough time or energy to do the things I wanted to do. Today it is 7 days after my birthday and I’m going to try this again only this time, 24 before I turn 24. I want to keep it as realistic as possible while still challenging myself. I will have to do an average of 2 a month as well if I’m going to complete them all.

  1. Join Postcrossing and continue to use it throughout the year, even sporadically
  2. Learn to bake three desserts. I love baking but have let it fall to the wayside lately.  I want to venture outside of cupcakes and the basics. Having  a chef boyfriend helps!
  3. Go abroad. I last went abroad in May 2005 and I feel that I really should be seeing more of the world, even if I just go to France.
  4. Go to see a musical. I adore musicals but can’t even remember the last time I went to see one. Possibly 2007…
  5. Go on a rollercoaster. I’m one of those people that refuses to do slightly scary things but once they do can’t stop. I am a generally anxious person and let fear get the better of me but I know I’d love a rollercoaster once I actually did it!
  6. Go to an aquarium. I have a hugely irrational but very much serious fear of fish. They petrify me. I can’t even watch tv shows with them because I can feel my skin prickling and my mouth going dry. I think it might be time to face this fear.
  7. Go on a day trip to a random city. There is so much of the UK I haven’t seen and with companies such as Megabus doing cheap deals from Glasgow to so many cities, there’s no excuse to not do this.
  8. Visit abandoned buildings. I have found myself fascinated with abandoned buildings lately. So many of them seem to still have things lying around as well as just being aesthetically pleasing. Also, it’s a pretty awesome adventure. I want to see at least 3.
  9. Get another tattoo.  I actually intend to get more than one but will aim for at least one. I’ve had a friend very kindly design one for me, a very personal one that I intend to get in the next few months. I don’t really think all tattoos need a meaning and the one I have at the moment doesn’t but I’m quite excited to get a tattoo that’s so important to me.
  10. Learn ukulele. A friend bought me a ukulele two years ago and I still haven’t learned to play it mostly out of laziness; it’s a big project! Kinda. Anyway, I want to actually learn it this year.
  11. Relearn basic French. I have learned this in the past, even outside of school so I know that I just need to brush up on my skills. Who knows, I might venture into learning more
  12. Explore photography. I take photographs of my cats a lot (sorry I’m not sorry, Facebook friends) and I take pictures at events etc but it’d be nice to have even a small idea of how to make a photograph look good, mostly for this blog.
  13. Try a book from a new genre. I am a fairly open-minded reader but I struggle with sci-fi and fantasy. I always have and I’m not even sure why but I want to try again, with either or both of these genres. I’m an intelligent girl and I love reading so this really shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.
  14. Attempt to get into new music. I like a lot of different music, my taste is extremely eclectic but there is always room for expansion…
  15. Read 50 books in a year. At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself to read 100 books. Extremely ambitious but nowhere near practical. 50 is around one book a week so if I read more, great. 50 is definitely the minimum
  16. Embrace the blogging community. I’ve never been to any blogging events and haven’t even really made a lot of friends through blogging. I want to rectify this, I spend a lot of time working on this site and consider it to be a huge part of my life so being active within the community is a no-brainer.
  17. Get into exercising regularly. OK this depends largely on how my next operation goes but assuming it DOES go well, I’d like to join a gym and really make the most of not being ill any more.
  18. Do more volunteer work. I currently volunteer for The Banter Magazine but I’d like to more volunteer work, even just once a week.
  19. Complete a crossword, alone. I have never, ever done a crossword as ridiculous as that sounds and completing one would feel like a great accomplishment. It’s the little things, eh?
  20. Write a novel. I know this sounds crazy but I have already started and it was surprisingly not too hard. I was expecting to find it overwhelming. Even if it’s a first draft, even if it never gets published, it’s an accomplishment.
  21. Take a course in photoshop. Also just to improve this blog!
  22. Become more organised and responsible. I guess this one speaks for itself.
  23. Start a gig-scrapbook. I keep all tickets to all shows I go to, I keep wristbands and sometimes posters and setlists. They’re scattered in a shame drawer of mine and I’d like to organise them with small blurbs about each show and speaking of…
  24. Go to and write about more live music. Because I love it!


  1. The Blackpool Zoo had a cool aquarium thing that I went to. I don’t like fish either but it was actually pretty relaxing. They had cute little glow in the dark type jellyfish. Ask the nearest Cats Protection if you can help them out :)! & I read tonnes of vampirey type books if you ever want any recommendations for any give me a shout lol :D! I hope you manage to do all the things on your list :D! xx

    1. Blackpool’s not actually far from Liverpool and if I went to that aquarium, I’d be doing the random city visit as well- two birds, one stone :D.Thank you! xx

      1. Not a problem. The Zoo part was pretty cool too. I think it was all included in the admission fee. Can’t quite remember though. Was a good afternoon out. I’m sure you will enjoy it :D! xx

  2. 1. Errrr……ok
    2. Having a chef boyfriend means never having to bake
    3. Absolutely, make this No1 priority
    4. push the boat out, try an opera?
    5. going on a hi-tech one doesn’t count, going on a 100 year old wooden one sorts the men from the boys
    6. The Sea-Life centre in Ellesmere Port is nearer, fish are friends not food
    7. I would steer clear of Preston
    8. Excellent idea, avoid Chernobyl (and Preston)
    9. Something along the lines of ‘Nil Satis Nisi Optimum’ would seem appropriate
    10. Excellent choice, learning your music theory aswell pays dividends
    11. I find the Joey Tribiani method more than adequate for my requirements
    12. The camera must be at least 10 gig, the more the better obviously
    13. I find the Joey Tribiani method more than adequate for my requirements
    14. See No4
    15. I find the Joey Tribiani method more than adequate for my requirements
    16. Me too! This is my first reply to someone’s blog!
    17. Always a good idea, don’t overdo it mind
    18. One volunteer is worth 10 pressed men
    19. Daily Mirror 10 minute crossword is a good start
    20. It doesn’t sound crazy to those of us who know how good you are with all them big words and all the grammar and all that and all the spelling and all that, DO IT!
    21. Can’t believe there are things that can be done on a computer that you don’t know about, you’re winding us up, right?
    22. Organised? Responsible? Sorry, don’t speak French
    23. You only have one draw of shame? No25 ‘get more draws of shame’
    24. A given
    26. Sack No1 off and replace it with ‘Go to watch Everton at Goodison Park’

  3. There’s a lot on this I would definetly see myself doing in the next few years.
    Musicals are a guilty pleasure and I would love to go see one eventually.
    Totally agree with the whole abandon buildings one just as long as things don’t turn put like American Horror Story.
    I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels I love them, currently reading the hobbit though my gf gave me a book about human trafficking so need to read that eventually.
    50 books in a year would make a good challenge although u can expect to hear a lot of 50 shades of grey jokes in there.

    Good luck

  4. ooh I can give you plenty of sci-fi novels to start with if you like, they don’t have to be deep and heavy space opera (but I can recommend them too). Are you on Goodreads?

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