Tattoo Thursday//Kirsty Bosley

Tattoo Thursday is a new theme that appears on a weekly basis where people will be showcasing and discussing their tattoos. If you are interested in getting involved, e-mail me at! 

My name is Kirsty and I’m a 25-year-old digital PR executive from Walsall
First and foremost where did you get these tattoos and would you recommend the studio?

My tattoos were etched into my skin by Ross Cook at Park St Tattoo in Birmingham. The studio was recommended to be by a friend and I’d definitely recommend it to others – Ross seems to just “get” what I ask for first time. The design of the Hallows was taken directly from the cover of the HP book, but the design for Fawkes the Phoenix came straight out of Ross’s head! I told him what I wanted and he went away, researched, sketched and created it perfectly first time! It’s yet to be coloured in but will soon be very crimson and gold. I love it. The rest of the tattoo sleeve will be filled with lots of positive imagery from the books – and will no doubt stretch further than just the top of my left arm.
Why did you get these tattoos?
I’m obviously a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and for a multitude of reasons have a deep fondness for the “universe” that JK Rowling created; I grew up with it. Most of it is down to the fact that reading them is perfect escapism for me. It’s hard to explain really – I guess I’m just a nerd with a book obsession!
How did family and friends react?
Some of my friends think its cool – I’ve not really asked! If they hate them, they keep their opinions to themselves! When my friend Matt heard I’d had the Phoenix, he said “Harry Potter! Of course!” as it’s quite typical of me! The ladies that I work with seem quite unsure – particularly the Mum’s – and worry that I may regret it. I always argue that if you shot back ten years and asked me then what tattoo I’d like, I’d have probably had Harry Potter themed ones too. I think at 25 I’m old enough to know my own mind even if to some people it seems like I’ve lost it!
What advice would you give to somebody who plans on getting a tattoo?
I’d advise anyone that wanted a tattoo to make sure that they know what they want. Get an idea, put it to paper and then think it over. For AGES. If in a year you still want it, get it. What’s the worst that can happen? It’s only skin! Just make sure you go to a trusted tattooist with a good portfolio and a nice clean studio! Hygiene is paramount!
Do you regret them?
I don’t regret them but they’re quite new. I can’t wait to get Fawkes all coloured in and then expand it into a whole sleeve and beyond. I’ve got holes everywhere from old piercings that I don’t regret at all – even three quite obvious holes in my lip. All in all, I’m pretty cool with my body modifications. In some places, it’s cheaper now to get laser removal than tattoos themselves – if worse comes to worse, I’ll burn them off!



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