Tattoo Thursday//ReeRee Rockette

Tattoo Thursday is a new theme that appears on a weekly basis where people will be showcasing and discussing their tattoos. If you are interested in getting involved, e-mail me at! 

This week I am interviewing ReeRee Rockette, owner of Rockalily Cuts. She was tattooed by Tracy Demetriou at Kings Cross Tattoo in London.

Why did you get this tattoo?
I needed to fill a space on my arm, and I had wanted to get a tattoo from Tracy Demetriou for a while, as she’s a friend of mine and I love her style! I have a list of things I will probably get tattooed on me at one point, and a mermaid was one of them. We decided that a mermaid would fit the shape well. Tracy designed it as a Tiger Fish mermaid, so I like to think it is more of a kick-ass mermaid.

How did family and friends react?
They are pretty used to me getting tattoos now! Everyone says they love it, but I guess it would be rude to say so if they didn’t think that!
Does it mean anything to you personally?
No it doesn’t. A few of of mine have meaning, but most don’t! They are just a colourful collection of random things really.
Do you plan to get more?
Yes. I’m not sure I’ve actually met anyone with a lot of tattoos who say they have finished getting more! I still have a lot of space I would like to fill, my legs and my hands will probably be next on the list.
What advice would you give to somebody who plans on getting a tattoo?
To not allow the cost to sway your artist choice too much. It’s forever, don’t worry about that extra £40 your favourite artist may charge. It’s worth saving that extra amount and getting something you love.
Do you regret it?
Of course not! I’m far too far along the tattoo path for regret!


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