Lets Play God-Revisited

Hard rockers Lets Play God from Glasgow have re-released their EP from earlier this year with this accompanying statement:

You may or may not have known that we Lets Play God were never really been happy with the last EP we released. We felt that we rushed it and for that the sound and production suffered. With Gregg’s departure it was the perfect time to try again. This time we decided to do the whole process ourselves. We put the money into equipment rather than studio time and began to learn a craft of recording. We are really happy to announce that tomorrow we will be re-releasing our EP and it will be called ‘Revisited’. Although it’s not perfect we are proud to say it’s us and everything thats in it from recording to production came from us.

The entire album can be streamed on Soundcloud [click here] and for a VERY limited time is available to download [click here].

Lets Play God have had a busy year. They played Hard Rock Hell, Les Fest, Rock N Roll Tattoo Festival and many shows across the UK but 2013 is looking to be bigger and better for them especially with the addition of new guitarist John 2. If there’s anybody you should keep an eye out for, it’s Lets Play God. Find their Facebook here.


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