Seven Days In Berlin- An Illustrated Travel Log by Neil Slorance//Review

Around 18 months, a local artist called Neil Slorance was recommended to me by a friend. From then on, I followed his blog and was always fond of  his drawing style- slightly funny and completely adorable. I also liked his style, his comics and drawings were almost always personal which satisfied my nosiness.

One of the first pictures I ever saw of Neil Slorance’s

When Neil Slorance posted on Twitter that he was looking for bloggers to review his latest comic ‘Seven Days in Berlin’, I obviously tweeted instantly saying I’d absolutely love to. It’s not the kind of thing I’ve reviewed before but I knew that I’d enjoy reviewing this and would adore giving him some well deserved publicity. So, a month ago it arrived here and I’m finally reviewing it. Oops.


Seven Days in Berlin is a sequel to Nine Lines of Metro in which he has a romantic moment with a girl called Lisa. Fast forward to later that year, Neil finds himself talking to Lisa online and she invites him to stay with her in Berlin. Cue the cutest love story I’ve read in a while…


The story itself is as much of a love story between Neil and Lisa as it is between Neil and the city of Berlin.

Instead of focusing on the landmarks of Berlin, Neil instead opts to speak about the lesser known areas (such as abandoned themeparks!) and when he speaks about Lisa, there’s no over-the-top declarations of how perfect she is but instead a sweet moment here and there accompanied by his very humble style of writing makes for a much more heartwarming, easy to relate to love story than most.

The format of the book is slightly childish. That’s a word with negative connotations but it totally works within this comic and makes it all the more endearing. All of it is hand drawn, written and produced which really emphasises how rare this comic and this kind of style is.  It was a beautiful wee read and I could honestly talk about it for another 2000 words but given that it’s only £4, I think you should probably just buy it and experience the magic for yourself. It was one of the nicest, most romantic and heartwarming stories I read last year as well as being very visually appealing.

To buy it go here. For Neil’s twitter, look no further than here and for his Tumblr look here. You definitely won’t regret it, he’s one of my favourite artists. You can also get Nine Lines of Metro along with Seven Days in Berlin for £6. I truly hope that there are more in this series or just more comics in general from Neil Slorance, truly unique.


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