Hey Little Fighter//Weekly Playlist


  1. Foo Fighters- Learn To Fly
  2. Motörhead- Fight
  3. Stone Sour- Made Of Scars
  4. Muse- Butterflies and Hurricanes
  5. Anthrax- Fight ‘Til You Can’t
  6. Dropkick Murphys- The Gang’s All Here
  7. Biffy Clyro- Who’s Got A Match?
  8. Johnny Cash- Folsom Prison Blues

Three weeks today is my operation and I’m not going to lie- I’m nervous. I’m not worried about the operation itself, I’m worried about it not working. I’m worried that once I go back into the real world, I’ll end up failing. I’m just nervous. It’s normal obviously and deep down I think I know I’m fine but the fear still lingers.

I’m a strong person, though. It’s probably my best quality and I know no matter what happens, I’ll make it through. I will always be a fighter and I guess this playlist is full of songs that emulate my attitude and feelings at the moment.


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