Tattoo Thursday//Debbie Marlow

Tattoo Thursday is a new theme that appears on a weekly basis where people will be showcasing and discussing their tattoos. If you are interested in getting involved, e-mail me at!



This week I am interviewing Debbie Marlow. Her tattoo was done in Midnight Dragon Tattoo in Saltcoats and was done by Jim.

Why did you get this tattoo?

I’ve always had a love for Asian culture, just the beauty, the traditions and the way of life.
And I had always wanted a Geisha, so when I had went to the studio to see about getting a cover up for the tattoo that was already there (the Kanji) Jim had suggested the Geisha.

Did it mean anything to you personally?

I have the nickname Asian or Asian Hooker to some.. So it did! Haha!

Would you recommend the studio?

I would and I do, most of the time! I haven’t went anywhere since, great guy, artist and he’s cool, so is his wife! Very lovely people.

Do you intend to get more tattoos within this theme?

I do! I have so many ideas, so for now, its the planning where to put them and saving the money.
What advice would you give to others looking to get a tattoo?

My advice would be to do your research, ready proper tattoo books, magazines, websites for the type of work you would like done and find the artist you would like for that work to be done. And get as much pictures and designs as possible to give the artist idea’s to work with. The more the better!

Any past or present tattoo regrets?

Just the one! My gothic female angel that I had wanted since I was around 14-15, as soon as I was 18, I did my research and asked around, after going to a place in Ayr, my appointment kept getting cancelled for at least 6 months, and he then put me in for a half hour appointment, got my tattoo, and he made it what he wanted it to be.. A ugly grim reaper sort of thing. Its a mess to this day. Arsehole!


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