Tattoo Thursday//Greig Steven

Greig’s tattoo when it was almost completed


First of all, where did you get your tattoo and who was the artist? Were you happy with their service- would you recommend them?

I got my tattoo at a place called RocknRoll Tattoo & Piercing in Glasgow. The artist was a man named Peter.
I was happy with the service, though they were a little costly, but then again I would rather pay for a tattoo that was more expensive than risk using a cheaper artist who wasn’t as good.

Why did you choose to get this tattoo? Does Van Gogh or this painting mean anything to you personally or is it purely aesthetic?

I got the Starry Night skyline as a tattoo because it’s my favourite painting. I also love the song about the painting/Van Gogh by Don McLean. I was at a point in my life where I felt misunderstood. Every time I look at the painting I get a sense of free spirit and mystery. Some of my friends say I’m rather mysterious and free spirited, and so I knew I wanted it as a tattoo to reflect that.

Do you have any regrets regarding the tattoo?

I don’t have any regrets with the tattoo  The only thing that annoyed me was that some of the yellow faded rather quickly. People have told me that yellow is a colour that fades quickly on tattoos. I want to get them touched up with maybe some orange to make them brighter.

How did your friends and family react?

My family were okay with it, which was a surprise as they don’t normally like tattoos. My friends told me it was about time as I had many ideas over the years for tattoos but didn’t want to get them until I had an idea that stayed.

Are you intending to get more tattoos?

I would like to get some more tattoos. I like the idea of tattoos reflecting situations you have face in life, and if it has meaning and a story behind it. I plan to get a tattoo reflecting a recent situation, but I will need to learn how to save money first haha. And then from there, who knows… I may get more.

Greig’s completed tattoo


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