The Way We Write//Comic Book Review

A ghost story? A story about writing music? A story about what happened to those bands that fell off the face of the Earth? Particularly cringy 90s bands? All of the above, actually. Intrigued? You should be more than that, you should be excited.

I was recently sent a comic for review (which is possibly one of the most awesome sentences to write) and I am in love with the illustrator’s work already. Here is the official Press Release:

The Way We Write marks the full-length comic book debut by Leicester illustrator, Rachael Smith, and follows real-life musicians Her name is Calla as they battle ghosts and writer’s block in a haunted house.

Rachael Smith, perhaps best known for her cult online comic strip, Flimsy the Kitten, soars in the comic book format: here, her winning charm is given space to develop a comedy horror tale with warmth and feeling, and a set of characters brimming with wit and charisma.

Drawing inspiration from the band Her name is Calla, Smith has magnified the quirks and personalities of each musician to create an illustrated ragtag gang who are a joy to follow throughout the story. Smith’s unique blend of humour, suspense and reality has created a comic that is not only innovative within its own genre, but provides a rare crossover between the 2D world and rock music.


I have to say, I really didn’t know what to expect. Rachael Smith’s past comics seem to be a mix of quirky, cute and funny. The Way We Write is such a fabulous journey. Imaginative and funny as well as the art itself being contemporary and complementary to the story.

The Way We Write is simply so much fun packed into a tiny comic book. It’s light-hearted reading which screams volumes about the depth of Rachael Smith’s imagination. The fact that Her Name Is Calla is an actual band just makes it all the more pleasing. It is a crossover between three of my favourite types of expression; art, music and storytelling. It is pretty much recommended by me to anybody. I passed it on to my 10 year old sister and my 24 year old best friend.

There’s also something instantly likable about Rachael Smith’s art. It’s almost like a modern take on classic comics;  it doesn’t contain the pretension that a lot of modern comics and graphic novels do. It’s the kind of art that can only be done by somebody with a true appreciation and understanding of classic comics. It’s also, I think I mentioned, SO funny.

I read it while in hospital and trust me- it was the only thing that brought a smile to my face. I’ll definitely be following the rest of Rachael Smith’s career and recommending this to anyone and everyone. I always review honestly and if I didn’t like this I’m sure my readers know by now that I’d be honest about it but I thought it was so fun and enjoyable that I’ll actually be buying a copy for a friend despite having been sent a physical copy for myself.

For more of Rachael’s work click here
To buy The Way We Write, click here
To follow her on Twitter click here
And if this has provoked an interest in Her Name Is Calla, look no further than here


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