Clara Engel//The Lovebird’s Throat

Clara Engel is an independent artist from Toronto, Canada. She recently got in touch with me to ask me to review her recent release The Lovebird’s Throat

The Lovebird’s Throat is one of the most complex, beautiful albums I’ve ever listened to. It is all at once heartbreaking, mesmerising and calming. It’s not easy listening but Clara Engel’s voice is so beautifully haunting it brings a kind of involuntary stillness to it’s listeners. It’s an album that was blatantly recorded with a heavy heart and could never be considered to be lacking in depth even by the coldest cynic.

Combining genres such as folk and electronic, Clara Engel has created an album that almost emulates a dream-like trance. The album would be a perfect accompaniment to reading dark fairytales. Think Grimms Brothers. It’s this combination of magic, mystique and enchantment that sets this album apart from the rest.

Clara Engel is not an artist you should ignore, she is one that should be embraced and celebrated. The Lovebird’s Throat is a humble masterpiece.


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