Tattoo Thursday//Jean Marc Burnett

Apologies for this being a day late, had a few issues with the website over the past few days but I can assure you- this was definitely worth the wait! 

This week I am interviewing Jean Marc Burnett, owner of Jay B Promotions about his Spider-Man sleeve tattoo!

Jay 1

Where did you get the tattoo and would you recommend the studio?

Alex at Blancolo Tattoos(Union Street, Glasgow) did my tattoo & I would definitely recommend him AND the studio. They are a bit more expensive than a lot of studios at £100 per hour (my sleeve took 21hrs over 5 months to complete) but you get what you pay for and a lot of studios turned me down when I told them what I was looking for. Alex was the only artist who could guarantee me that my sleeve would turn out as I wanted it.

What made you get this tattoo in particular- a whole arm dedicated to Spider-Man is a huge commitment!

I’ve been a massive Spider-Man fan since I can remember, a total comic book geek in general but the design kinda grew & grew as it was originally just going to be an upper arm sleeve but I wanted it to be totally different to other sleeves & decided on the full arm. Alex was instrumental in extending the design & making it flow throughout the arm. As for why I got it, maybe it was a mid-life crisis! Some people buy a sports car, I got a Spidey sleeve! In all seriousness it’s something I’ve talked about for years but never ever got around to doing then one day out of the blue whilst I was in Glasgow I walked in & booked my first session!

How have people reacted in general? Has anyone disapproved?

You get the usual ‘what will you look like when you’re 70’ kinda people, but those are the people who gave up enjoying life a long time ago! Reactions though have been fantastic! Everyone I know loves it! My son thinks it’s ‘amazing’ & I’d like to think there aren’t too many Dads out there with full length Spidey sleeves…I think this is unique. I’ve seen a lot of Spider-Man themed tats online, some of which are spectacular, but I’ve never seen a full ‘ripped costume’ sleeve. My greatest reaction has to be when Stan Lee, yes, THE Stan Lee posted some earlier photos of the tattoo on his Facebook page. I then received a private message from ‘Stan’ or whoever runs his page asking if I would send photos when it was completed which I will be doing following a photoshoot at Blancolo soon.

jay 3

Do you intend to get more?

I’m currently planning 2 more tattoos. 1 is a small tribute to Peter Pan behind my ear & the other is a half sleeve on my right arm which will be more personal but will still be keeping within the ripped skin theme I have.

Any regrets regarding the tattoo?

No regrets at all. It’s been costly but worth every penny and it’s part of me now!


if you are interested in talking about your tattoo, comment below or email me at


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