Lets Play God-Survival of the Twisted//Review

Twisted Cover FrontLets Play God very kindly sent me their upcoming album Survival Of the Twisted for review and, well, they blew my mind. Lets Play God are a four piece hard rock band from Glasgow and Survival of the Twisted is their second release. They have played Hammerfest Festival, Metal Gods Festival and Insane Champion Wrestling but this release surpasses all of that as their most impressive work to date.

The tracks seem to emulate Lets Play God’s anarchistic attitude and are further backed up by the fact that they’ve decided to go completely independent; all recordings, merchandise and graphics are done by Lets Play God themselves as they live up to their name. The addition of John Urquhart has really brought the band’s sound to another level and they have once again, grabbed their listeners by the balls and their new no-holds-barred mixed with their punk rock D.I.Y attitude means that Lets Play God aren’t just one to watch for, they’re a band that can’t be reckoned with this year.

Lets Play God’s balls out sound hit me straight from the off, with opening track A Lesson In Indestrctibility Rob Grinch’s gruff vocals accompanied by newcomer John Urquhart’s riffs, A Lesson… is a great album opener, a song with what seems like 80’s metal inspired riffs and lyrics that speak about the controversy the band have faced as a band. It’s a step up from anything they’ve done before and the production is so clean and crisp it’s hard to believe this was independently produced. A very aptly named killer track that in true Lets Play God style has an anthemic feel to it.

Interestingly, the first 30 seconds of Black Skull samples Mario Savios 1964 Bodies Upon the Gears speech about civil disobedience. The track is a massively guitar-heavy track, there are small uses of piano, interestingly as well as a lot of influence drawn from the likes of KoRn. It’s a forceful, powerful track that epitomises how far Lets Play God have come as a band, not one weak member. They sound tight as anything and the addition of John ‘2’ Urquhart has really brought the band to life and given them an edge that re-affirms them as a diverse, interesting act. Throughout the E.P but especially in Isolation, vocalist Rob Grinch is almost on the verge of rapping so much so that it put me in the mood for listening to hip-hop which is a little… new. Finally though, the E.P ends on what is easily my favourite track; When All Else Fails. An initially sombre track introduced with a stunning guitar solo. The track is the perfect choice for ending the E.P on; it’s the track that showcases each of their abilities most effectively and speaks volumes about their songwriting abilities.

I was excited about listening to this and I was right to be so; it’s a fantastic record and I really hope more people listen to it and feel the buzz that I did the entire time. Lets Play God are really one of the most exciting bands you’ll hear this year. I’m interviewing them this Friday as well which will definitely be interesting to say the least.

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To pre-order Survival of the Twisted click here
To see if they’re coming to a city near you on their upcoming A Tad of Wrath tour look no further:

TadofWrathTourAlso, finally, this Friday DJ Crazy Bitch from TBFM will be showcasing their EP. World exclusive and completely free!



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