Tattoo Thursday//Emma McPherson

Tattoo Thursday is a monthly segment in which I interview people about their tattoos. If you’re interested in getting involved email me at

Where did you get the tattoo done, who was the artist and would you recommend the studio?

I got my latest tattoo at New Found Glory in Kirkintilloch created by one of the artists Fernando. It was my first tattoo from this studio and I can’t praise them enough. in the past my tattoos have been rather basic but because I wanted to go with a black and grey piece I took my time choosing the studio. I visited a few and although this was the most expensive quote it was also the place I felt most comfortable with. Fernando advised where he felt the tattoo would look best but also listened to my opinions, as he said it’s there forever so you have to make the right choice for you.

Does it hold any personal meaning?

I have chosen a rose for that old saying  ‘every rose has its thorn’. In recent years I have had some very hard times but so many good times too. So while from the outside looking in everything does seem rosy, if you excuse the awful pun, if you look a little further you can see the imperfections. I like to think I do hold up a good front for the majority of people, but those who are close to me and take the time to look a little closer know when things aren’t great and support and love me regardless of the imperfection.

How did family and friends react?

My husband has never been a fan but does like this one thankfully! Friends and family who appreciate tattoos have loved it and those who aren’t really for tattoos haven’t really passed comment!

What other tattoos do you have & do you intend on getting more?

This tattoo was number 6. Now I am older I think more about it before deciding what to have. All have meaning or a story like some Italian writing which translates into ‘forever and for always’ is about my husband its something we have said to each other from very early on in our relationship, the reason its in Italian is apart from Italy being one of my husbands favourite places it means the majority of people I know asking what it means and me getting the chance to talk about it. I also shortly after we got married had a harp tattoo on my back which represents my family and where our family name originates. I have the best family and love them so much and who I am and my home life meant enough to me to mark it forever. Although I changed my name I will always be one of them. Would absolutely love to get more but not for the sake of having more, however this latest is in perfect position to carry on over the shoulder or down my arm.

I’ve always thought shoulder tattoos would be pretty painful, how was it pain-wise?

The pain was nowhere near what I thought it would be, some parts were worse than others and I definitely felt the outline more than the shading. I am so pleased with the finished piece that any pain i did feel was more than worth it!


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