Robot A Day//Intro

Is This Love That I’m Feeling?


I have two cats so I don’t really do the typical thing of procrastinating online by looking at pictures of kitties. I go in search of cute mini comics, cute artwork and ongoing webcomics. On my most recent hunt, I found that somebody that I’ve followed on Twitter for a while does this!

A Robot A Day is a new venture; not even a month old and was created by Stacey McWee (@Stacey_McWee) who has a degree in digital media and graphic design as well as an independent t-shirt company, Giraffiti. She uses Paper by Fifty Three on her iPad as her medium. Already, there’s been a lot of interest and talks of collaborations as well as a CafePress store in the pipeline. I think I stumbled over a gem!

Almost won over? Here’s some more of her work:


May the 4th Be With You


Frank Turner


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