Young Aviators//Self Help

Well, isn’t this beautiful weather for the middle of May? Aren’t you glad that Scotland just gets the most wonderful summers? *Sigh*. Luckily for us, an album was released today as part of Electric Honey’s 20th anniversary celebrations. Electric Honey is Stow College’s in-house record label and have introduced the likes of Biffy Clyro, Snow Patrol and Belle and Sebastian to the world. The album is Self Help by Young Aviators who originated in Ireland but have since moved to Scotland. It’s their third release and probably the most sunny album I’ve heard this year which is definitely making up for our miserable weather.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a really unique, modern indie act. There are a lot out there but they just seem to be clones of those that came before in a really obvious, undiluted, uninteresting sense. Young Aviators have given me a little hope in this sense as this album, while there are nods to their influences and throwbacks to the 90’s Brit Pop era, this album still remains pretty unique. It’s a great summery album that’s probably the closest thing to summer we’re going to get this year in Scotland!

Self-Help is jam packed with brilliant riffs, seemingly endless energy and some gorgeous harmonies. Imagine Blur and Arctic Monkeys having a lovechild. Now throw in some Irish. Now some cheeky charm. VOILA, you have yourself Young Aviators. Track 6, Deathrays in Disneyland is a sullen, slower paced (maybe not so summery…) piano and vocals track. It’s beautiful, it’s dark, it’s a perfect way to break up the album. It’s an intense anti-war song that’s really cutting, actually. I could only listen to it twice because it was so hard hitting. Rough. Excellent. It was a great example of how talented they are, musically and lyrically.

SO how do you get to listen to it?

Well, it’s on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and if you want their Facebook, look here.

It really is a fantastic album and I’m so glad it’s been released on such an important anniversary for Electric Honey.


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