My New Favourite Band//Big Big Train

Is this a new feature? Not sure. Probably. I find a lot of awesome bands and really would love to share them all with you. We’ll see. TBC.

Taken from the band’s Facebook page



Big Big Train are a Bournemouth based Prog-Rock band who have been around, in some way or another, since 1990.  I found out about them, in short, by asking strangers to recommend underground acts to me. These were one of the best recommendations, by far.

I listened to their Soundcloud (linked below) and felt as if I was on a bit, okay don’t laugh, on a bit of an adventure. Their songs tell stories. Stories about manual labour workers, of Canterbury, of friendship, so many stories, so many beautiful songs. Always stories. Always incredible music. They’re one of my favourite recent findings and you can listen for yourself:


Find Big Big Train on Facebook here


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