In Memory of Iain Banks

“Death was change; it led to new chances, new vacancies, new niches and opportunities; it was not all loss.” — The Crow Road

Iain Banks died today. Two months after he announced he had a terminal illness, six months after I read a book of his for the first time. He was very unfortunate, his death was extremely tragic and unbelievably unfair but he handled it in the bravest, most sincere way possible and luckily for him or perhaps a silver lining is he had time before he died to read what people had to say to him. He read messages from fans telling him how important, brilliant, exceptional he is. He got to do what most don’t, he got to experience obituaries in advance and while it’s very poignant, he at least left this world knowing the impact he’d made and knowing that he was loved. Many writers didn’t have such a beautiful experience.

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One of the few comforts fans of Iain Banks can take is that he lives on through his art. Like every artist. Nobody leaves this world and takes all the difference they made with them. I know that I have a stack of his books just waiting to be read, I’m still exploring through his imagination, his humour, his personal writing style. I’m still experiencing the magic, and many others are and will be too.

Gone but definitely not forgotten. Rest in peace.

To read a truly beautiful post about Iain Banks by a fellow author and friend of his, Neil Gaiman, click here


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