Tattoo Thursday//Sarah Tregonning

Tattoo Thursday is a monthly segment in which I interview people about their tattoos. If you’re interested in getting involved email me at

This month I’m featuring Sarah Tregonning who has spoken to me about her music-themed tattoos. Sarah got in touch after seeing my interview with Kirstyn Smith about her Morrissey themed tattoos.


Photo courtesy of Kevin Cummins

This is my largest tattoo and the words are lyrics from the Morrissey song ‘I Know it’s Gonna Happen Someday.’ I had been thinking about having it for months and in the end I went and had it done almost on a whim. I chose these lyrics because I am an extremely negative thinker, and (as cheesy as it sounds) I wanted both a symbol of my ‘devotion’ to Moz (sigh…) and a constant reminder to be more positive. I’m not sure it ever worked! Reactions to this one (other than amongst Morrissey fans or people with tattoos) are often quite negative so I would probably advise anyone thinking of having a chest/collarbone tattoo to be prepared for some nudges, whispering, staring and even touching! Unfortunately some people still think visible tattoos are public property – especially if they are on a woman’s skin.
The tattoo is by Katie at ‘Tattoo a-go-go’ in Aldgate. I would definitely recommend both the studio and Katie, who has now done the majority of mine.


These are lyrics from the Morrissey song ‘Alma Matters.’ My best friend and I have the same ‘matching’ tattoo – I think the choice of words says a lot about our perspective on life at that time. Not great!
This was done by Ricky at Tattoo a-go-go.


‘Want’ is the name of a Rufus Wainwright song and albums. I love the Want albums and the song always makes me cry. This was originally done (badly) by an apprentice tattooist, then fixed & improved – again by Katie. I had this because I wanted at least one tattoo inspired by each of my four favourite artists – Morrissey, Nick Cave, Rufus Wainwright and Tom Waits. I guess the meaning of this one is fairly obvious!



The lyrics ‘All beauty must die’ are from the Nick Cave song ‘Where the Wild Roses Grow’ – which is by no means my favourite Bad Seeds song, but I love this particular line. I love the romance and violence in Nick Cave’s music, which is why I chose to have a rose and a gun (- deep, right?) This is also by Katie.



  1. I love music/lyric related tattoos. I don’t have any tattoos (yet?) but any I want are all music-related as well. Love these!

      1. Hi Sarah-Louise
        Great piece. I just wanted to add to Sarah’s advice about chest tattoos from my auntie who had a tattoo on her collar bone about 35 years ago. Now that she is getting older it looks dreadful because that part of the body really ages quite badly and as the tattoo is very dark, the laser treatment to remove it is very expensive. Mind you, I’m guessing that like me, Sarah is younger than Amy Winehouse so she probably isn’t thinking of her dotage yet!

        Melanie J

  2. Proper orginal art work there. Do they costs loads at the place you mention? My uncle is having a mid-life crisis and got a really crap football tat on his arm. Think he went somewhere cheap though so it does pay to get better ones done.

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