Album Reviews//Final Silence & Picnic Basket Nosedive

Final Silence
Metalcore act Final Silence have recently released their album ‘More Human Than Human’. Final Silence are a 5 piece metal band originating in 2005 but really coming into their own last year when they added one more member, did far more shows and wrote this incredible, powerful album.
Much like many releases in the past couple of years, More Human Than Human is an album filled with rage and frustration at the current state of the United Kingdom under Conservative/Liberal Democrat ruling. Opening track System Failure perfectly depicts this.
The downfall with a lot of unsigned records can be the production. A lot of the time, bands don’t really know who or what to look for and settle for sub-par recordings in order to get an album released. It makes sense in some respects but it can make a band who are incredible live sound awful and makes reviewing them confusing. Luckily, More Human Than Human is crystal clear. Even from this first track, I can tell this is going to be an exciting album.
More Human Than Human is a great album for introducing to new fans and for people who’ve followed them up until now, it truly shows how far they’ve come as a band. There’s been clean vocals, much more intense songs, a generally more mature album than any of their earlier work. It’s a fantastic metal album, actually one of the best I’ve heard in the past few years and is proof, as if their gigs aren’t enough that Final Silence deserve far more recognition than what they get and seeing them live, listening to this album, experiencing the force that is Final Silence is a unique experience that won’t be forgotten by any metal fan.
To find Final Silence, click here
Picnic Basket Nosedive
Formed in 2010, Picnic Basket Nosedive are one of Scotland’s busiest bands who, despite the ridiculous name, are serious about making waves. They are a pop-punk act from the West of Scotland and through simultaneously being a good times band who want to separate themselves from artists who takes themselves seriously and being a great act, they’ve steadily built up a cult fanbase and this month released their EP We’re Not Even Sorry.
picnic basket nosedive
I’m not sure what I like more, PBND’s music or the titles of their songs. Seriously, here’s the tracklist:
1. You Brought A Knife to A Food Fight
2. Are Shadows Made of Atoms?
3.Organised Lightning
4. Paper. Snow. A Ghost (a Friends reference ahhh!)
5. Vulcan Love Punch
We’re Not Even Sorry! is a fun, catchy album. As far as pop punk goes, they’re an excellent act and their influences (such as New Found Glory) are obvious throughout the EP. Unlike most of the bands I review on here, they are very much radio friendly (this is a compliment, honest) and I think possibly a good place to start if you’re just getting into pop-punk.
Picnic Basket Nosedive can be found at any of these shows:
20th July Waverley pub, Dumbarton
27th July Ivory Blacks Glasgow
31st July Bannermans bar Edinburgh
Or alternatively find them on Facebook here

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