The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal-Neil Slorance//Review

Neil Slorance is an artist based in Glasgow. He writes comic books- I actually reviewed one in the past here and he very kindly me sent his most recent comic The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal for review purposes. I’ve been a fan of Neil Slorance for quite a while now and recently joined in with #neildraws which is when people send requests to him and for one hour only, on Twitter, he’ll draw whatever they ask for. I recently asked for Wonder Woman and a kitty. Et voila:
wonder woman
So obviously, when he told me he was releasing this one and offered to send it on, I leaped at the chance.
amateur astronomer
The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal is a story about a frustrated, irritable girl who decides to pack up her father’s old telescope and escape for a few hours. The comic speaks predominately about astrology, stars and the solar system. It also mentions sandwiches and love. I really loved how Slorance incorporated his knowledge and love for astrology into this comic without making it dull or hard to follow for those of us who’ve never paid an interest before.
the amatuer astronomer's journal
The comic itself is drawn in Slorance’s signature style. It’s cute and sweet. The thing with all of Slorance’s comics that I’ve read (which is all bar one now), they are all so heart warming and humble with bits of silly humour. It was a lovely read, it was thoroughly enjoyable and if you like what Neil Slorance does, you’ll like this though if this is the first time you’ve heard of him, this is definitely still a good place to start.
Neil very kindly agreed to do a short e-mail interview with me:
When did you first start drawing and when did you find your niche within art?

 I started drawing around the same age as most kids, around the 3-4 year old mark and just kept going. I guess I really found my niche around 5 years ago when I started painting canvases with giant robots and things and slowly my style has moulded itself from there.
Who/what inspires you?
 People with mad skillz. Comic artists like Chris Ware and Luke Pearson who produce absolutely brilliant and beautiful comic art. Also a big inspiration for my last book was Ryan Andrews who’s done some magnificent work in the comic format. Also space, space really inspires me. 
Describe the process of writing a comic?
 My process is basically writing as I go along. I have a basic idea of how I want it to start and what kind of conclusion I want then I take it from there. I’ll also make little thumbnails and roughs before making a page but generally I do it all a page at a time. 
What’s your least favourite part of creating comics?
 For me it’s probably the post production stuff, setting it up for the printers, mucking about with pdfs blah blah blah
What plans do you have for the future (next year or so for example)
 I haven’t really thought of next year in all honesty, If I’m lucky I’ll still be doing what I’ve been doing this year which is making comics and art and happily scraping a living.
You can find Neil on Twitter here, Facebook here and his website, where you can buy The Amateur Astronomer’s Journal for only £3 is here

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