Rachael Smith-I Am Fire//Comic Book Review

Remember Rachael Smith? The artist of The Way We Write? Well,  she’s back this month with her new comic I Am Fire this month and it is remarkably good.

You know those jokes/stories/experiences that are so funny that even weeks later, in the most inappropriate of situations, they make you laugh all over again? I have a few moments from I Am Fire that have crept into my brain and given me so many awkward, snorting laughing moments. It was so funny I had to stop reading to calm myself down.  Are you getting the idea?

I Am Fire definitely contains more profanity, snark and attitude than The Way We Write but is all the better for it. It’s a perfect example of how far Rachael Smith can come as both an artist and a writer in even just 6 months.

It was fun- not a dull moment-, touching and so very well drawn.  Much like the rest of her work, I’d happily recommend it to anyone (unless you’re offended by profanities in which case, you might want to get off the internet) and it’s made me excited for what’s to come in another 6 months!

To get a copy of I Am Fire, click here to pre-order
To see more of Rachael’s work click here



(extra special thank you to the ever so lovely Rachael Smith for her patience… this is a very late review!)


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