Feedee Interview

The latest installment of my Does Normal Exist? series is with a lady who ‘gets off’ on getting fat.



Can you fully explain what being a feedee mans to you and what it entails?

 Being a feedee to me means I get off on growing fatter or at least the idea of growing fatter.  I just LOVE taking up more space, feeling softer, squishier, heavier pretty much any descriptor neutral, good or bad of fat I actually really enjoy.  For me it usually means I just fantasize about being fatter although there was a time I gained on purpose and I might again in the future if I feel like it.  

Is it a fetish? A lifestyle? Both?

For me being a feedee is definitely a fetish.  Given that society heavily frowns on fat and prizes dieting as the highest achievement a person can reach then it feels like a life style.  I can’t go a day or a few hours without being reminded gaining is bad and losing is best.  When I’m actively gaining it is more of a life style in the sense that most people think of a life style.  Thoughts of what I’m going to eat how much I might gain soon are pretty all consuming.  

Have you been involved in a feeder/feedee relationship?

 I’ve had some flings and trysts with other feeders/feedees but nothing long term and serious.

How did you get involved in doing clips4sale?

 I got involved with clips4sale for couple reasons.  First I needed more income.  Another is I just always enjoyed posting videos and pictures of my self online on various sites over the past few years so why not keep doing what I love and make some dough.  I’m definitely a bit of an exhibitionist.  I knew other girls through Tumblr, Fantasyfeeder, feedism.net who had been using clips4sale for some time so it seemed like a good idea to try.

When did you first find yourself interested in the feedee/feeder lifestyle?

I have always been interested in fat or gaining in some way.  Since I was a little bitty chubby kid.  My awareness and indulgence of my fat fascination has varied throughout my life.  Like as a little kid rewatching the scene of Tempelton the Rat gorging at the fair in Charlotte’s Web was no big deal but then around puberty I was like this is weird and tried to bury it for some years.  I really got into feederism a few years ago when a long term relationship with someone who hated fat ended. 


How much has your life/body changed since then?


 I’ve purposefully gained 45 pounds, so my body is fatter.  That was super fun.  I I actually have cleavage! ‘m happier.  I’m less afraid.  Its hard to reject something so integral to our society as worshiping disappearing bodies and not start to question why I do anything that changes my image from, plucking my eye brows, whitening my teeth to wearing black clothes because it reminds me that “black is slimming.”  I’ve stopped wanting to please everyone so much.  I feel like I’ve become more self centered but maybe that’s me loving myself as I am and I definitely did not before. 

Do you worry about the possible repercussions on your health?

 Of course I worry about health repercussions.  Everyone does whether you are a feedee or not.  It took me a while to not let thoughts that I’m going to wake up diabetic and dead tomorrow not consume me if I stuff my face tonight.  The idea that every feedee is stuffing their face with no limits all the time is totally fucking hot and totally false.  Some feedees never gain they just fantasize .  Some really really rare ones fatten them selves to immobility.  I try to pay attention to my body and do what feels good and not do what feels bad.  Its pretty fucking simple. I go to the doctor when and if I need to like any other person. 

Do you find it empowering?

Yes, I finding doing what what when I want how I want with my body and life quite empowering.  

At what point do you think you’ll stop? Do you think you will stop?

I would stop or never gain again if I was diagnosed with something that becoming fatter obviously makes worse.  Or if gaining stopped feeling so good.

Would you enjoy switching and being a feeder? Are the roles of feeder/feedee even very set in stone?

I totally enjoy both roles of being a feeder and a feedee.  I originally only liked being a feedee but its changed over time.  The boundaries between feeder and feedee vary between each person and couple so no they aren’t really set in stone.  You just know everyone into feederism loves someone getting fatter, themselves and/or others.



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