Tattoo Thursday//Aoife Cunningham

First of all, where did you get the tattoo and would you recommend the studio?
I got my tattoo in InkWest in Dublin, I’d recommend them as the staff are friendly and listen to your requirements.

I don’t recognise the quote- can you explain it?

My tattoo is made up of two lines from two different poems. The top line is taken from Sylvia Plath’s poem ‘Lady Lazarus’ – the original line reads ‘out of the ash I rise’ but i changed it to ‘ashes’ and requested a small i in the line to symbolize the strength of the human spirit, and to reflect personal growth. This is represented by the capital I in the second line which is taken from an Emily Dickinson poem. I’m definitely a dreamer and this line reminds me that anything is possible. Emily and Sylvia are my two biggest literary inspirations so it means a lot to have their words with me. The dove represents freedom, inner peace and also another Dickinson poem (‘Hope is the thing with feathers’)

Where is it placed on your body and how painful was it?

It’s on my ribs! The pain was manageable but parts were definitely more painful than others. I brought some lucozade with me to have during the session to help stabilise my sugar levels as sometimes they can drop when getting a tattoo.

What are your three golden rules when it comes to getting a tattoo?
 First and foremost – make sure it’s something that has meaning. I love tattoos but I don’t understand how people get random ones that have no personal significance. If it means something you’ll appreciate it more. Don’t get something for the sake of it, if you do you’ll probably regret it a few years down the line. Give yourself time to think things through. I’ve left a two year gap between my two tattoos. I got my first when I was 18 and had decided on what I wanted when I was 16, I waited a while for this one to ensure it was definitely what I wanted before I made the decision to go ahead with it.
Secondly, if you’re getting any writing tattooed – make sure everything is spelled correctly and that there’s proper punctuation. You don’t want to be permanently embarrassed about your tattoo!
Last and not least, when you decide to get a tattoo, consider placement. Then reconsider and talk to your tattoo artist. It’s going to be on your body for the rest of your life.
Do you have the famous ‘itch’ for more tattoos now that you have two?
I think two is my limit because both of my tattoos have a lot of personal meaning and symbolize a lot to me, so I’ll say no. But who knows – that could change in the future! 🙂

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