25 Before 25


I celebrated my 24th birthday this week and my last task as a 23 year old was writing this list. I finished it two minutes before my birthday!
This is my third year of doing this (well, 23 before 23 etc…) but this year I’ve gone for things that are slightly more achievable. I’m pretty sure that Jane initially inspired this and she still does! Her blog is definitely worth checking out. I’ve carried some over from my last list as I obviously didn’t achieve them and this year’s is centered around creativity.

  1. Get a tattoo
    This comes with a sideline of ‘and get my current one fixed up’. I only have one tattoo and it was done pretty badly by an artist in a very reputable studio but I have a few planned and even have one designed for me courtesy of Mairi Kirkpatrick so it’s just a case of getting the money together and booking!
  2. Go on holidayI’ve only been abroad once and it was in 2005 so this is long, long overdue! I’m thinking at the very least, a few days in Amsterdam would be great
  3. See a musical
  4. Learn how to play the ukulele
    I’ve had one for 3 years now and it’s sat on the top of my bookshelf looking very pretty but very dusty
  5. Courtesy of The Daily Doodles (another site you should check out, click the image!)

    Read 40 books in a year
    I usually set this at 50 but I’ve never reached it so I’ll aim a little lower this year and hope to get far more!

  6. Start a gig scrapbook
    I’m going to a lot more shows lately, (as you’ll see tomorrow when my reviews go up!). I always come away with a ticket stub and a story to tell. I want to keep tickets somewhere special rather than just floating around random drawers in my flat so this seems like a cute way to remember them. (As well as reviews, obviously)
  7. Learn to cross-stich
  8. Choose creativity over social networks
    I really wish I didn’t have this as I’d like to think I can live without social networking but like most people, I’m glued to my phone and would rather be the kind of person that’s always creating than always lingering on social networking sites/apps.
  9. Don’t buy new books until the ones I own have been finished
  10. Spend more time and money in charity shops
    This is inspired mostly by Smidge (who has a fabulous blog that appears to be offline so I’ve linked to her Instagram). She’s found some really amazing, unique homewares in charity shops and I’m ever so jealous and looking forward to seeing what I can find.
  11. Write more fiction
  12. Write more poetry
  13. Build a record collection
    My main birthday present from Gavin this year was my record player (pictured below) and the day after I got it, we headed to Record Fayre  and bought The Doors Greatest Hits and Born to Run for less than £5! I’m definitely going to go back every time we have a little spare cash to build up the collection
  14. Promote or do something to raise money for a charity each month
  15. Enter a writing competition (inspired by Jane!)
  16. Watch all of LOST. Finally.
  17. Complete a video game
    I’m a pretty terrible gamer. I love games but rarely finish them, usually due to impatience. I’d like to put a stop to that and already have a game in mind…
  18. Give films I quickly wrote off another chance
    This is another thing I’m guilty of, especially with comedy, I give up very fast and don’t give them a real chance to grab me. What can I say? I’m a fussy girl
  19. Learn more about World War 2 and history in general
  20. Donate blood (before tattoo!)
  21. Do a ‘pay it forward’ task
  22. Start an Open University course
  23. Visit my family more often
    This year I visited my family in Liverpool twice. Not good enough.
  24. Take a one-off class
  25. Learn to budget
    Ah, adulthood.

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