There’s Magic in this Grey Old Town, You Know


Geewhiz Digital




Old Glasgow Photograph




I can’t take photos to save myself, especially when there are a lot of beautiful lights- they just make my photos blur so the first two photographs aren’t mine but they do a hell of a lot more justice to Glasgow at Christmas than mine did.

When I moved here, I needed independence, space and to live in a city again. I’m not a small town girl by any stretch of the imagination. I’d been in love with Glasgow for a few years by the time I eventually moved here but I think my favourite time of year to live here is definitely Winter. Christmas especially.

I went along to the Christmas market last night with my friend Shannon and later on, my boyfriend joined. We didn’t buy anything (apart from the winter ciders pictured above) but being in Glasgow made us feel festive all the same. It’s a gorgeous, friendly city at the best of times but at this time of year, there’s a certain warmth and atmosphere here.

Maybe it’s not the greatest city in the world but it’s definitely my favourite.


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The title of this blog was named after this song which perfectly sums up Christmas in Glasgow


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