Your New Favourite Artist- Kyle Harter

Tattoo Thursday was a lot of fun and I saw some beautiful artwork with fascinating stories but as it went on, I found myself less interesting, less desperate for new stories. All in all, it became pretty stale for me and I wanted to replace it but not on a whim. Tattoo Thursday was my most successful series and I didn’t want to replace it with just anything.

Now is the time for my new series, one that I think will be as exciting as Tattoo Thursday but in a very different direction. Your New Favourite Artist will be a weekly showcase of an artist that I think deserves more attention. I’ve lightly touched on artists that I like with The Daily DoodlesRachael Smith & Neil Slorance and I’m excited to be doing this more often!

Kyle Harter is a third grade teacher, a Californian (at the moment) and one of my favourite webcomic artists. You can find his personal Tumblr here and his diary comic here. Kyle’s work is quirky, cute, honest, funny and 100% easy to relate to.

I’ll be interviewing Kyle soon but until then, check out his work! His diary comic is definitely my favourite, I spent a good chunk of my day today going through all of the posts, sharing them with friends and deciding which ones to use here. I’ve settled with these three:

(Apologies to my friends who have been subjected to so many messages with links to Kyle’s work followed by exclamations of ‘HES SO FUNNY OMG’.)


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