Happy Holidays, You Bastard//Playlist

This year, I’m not feeling very Christmassy. I’ve tried, I’ve had small bouts of it but in general, I don’t feel excited or festive in the slightest. I think 2013 has gone too fast and that we should really still be in September. This playlist by 8tracks user nIntendo64 has helped a lot, though. It’s reminded me of being 15/16 and refusing to listen to ‘mainstream’ Christmas songs.

Seriously, though, it’s very fun.

01- Yule Shoot Your Eye Out~Fall Out Boy // 02- White Christmas~Panic! At The Disco // 03- Last Christmas~Jimmy Eat World // 04- Ex-Miss~New Found Glory // 05- Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass~All Time Low // 06- All I Want For Christmas~My Chemical Romance // 07- What’s This?~Fall Out Boy // 08- This Christmas (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)~Set It Off // 09- Happy Holidays, You Bastard~Blink-182 //



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