Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I hope you all had a great new year’s eve. I have woken up with no hangover but a definite feeling of refreshment. I think, finally, after 24 years, I appreciate why bringing in a new year is important to so many people.

Anyway, now that we’re here, I have a bunch of recommendations for you as well as links to find me on social networks. It’d be fabulous if people commented with their own recommendations or even telling me what you think of the ones I have given!

I feel like I haven’t really pushed my blog enough on other social networks and definitely haven’t connected with others as much as I’d like to.
You can find me on Bloglovin here
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and, most importantly, Facebook here

Blogs you should be following in 2014:

Raised On A Diet of Broken Biscuits
BioI’m Emily. I write about the intersection of popular culture and feminism, interview as many interesting people as I can get my hands on and very occasionally delve into more personal areas.

Emily is my favourite blogger by far and she never, ever does ‘filler’ posts. She’s funny, intelligent and a great writer.

Miss Smidge
Bio:I was given my nickname Smidge as a child so it is no surprise that I never reached 5 foot tall. I now divide my time between asking people to get things off the top shelf, living inEdinburgh, doing up our home and finding myself after being adopted at birth. Welcome to my blog.

I think I started following this last year but it may well have been 2012. As well as being generally interesting and always posting such interesting, lovely posts, Smidge is always honest and, amongst a blogosphere (I can’t believe I used that word again) of PR samples and blatant advertisements, Smidge’s blog is a breath of fresh air.


Bio: Single mummy in Glasgow. Loves sushi & getting drunk in my pyjamas. I talk about food. A lot.

I am not really into mummy blogs. I’m not a parent and I’m not into reading blogs I can’t relate to on some level. This isn’t your average mummy blog. Dawn is another honest blogger who writes about food, life and what it is really like to be a mother. Always honest, always endearing, always inspiring.

Is That You Darling?
Bio: Is That You Darling is a UK lifestyle blog, where I write about everything and anything under the sun. I don’t like to limit myself in my blogging, and I think the lifestyle umbrella allows me to talk about all sorts of things.

I’ve mentioned Jane’s blog on here a lot and I think, if any of these blogs will, Jane’s will be up everyone’s street in one way or another. I am always happy to see she has a new post up on Bloglovin’ and recommend her to pretty much everyone.

Insert My Blog Name Here

Bio: Reluctantly 33. Unnaturally blonde. Funny-ish. Potty-mouthed. No internal filter. Barely used. Not for re-sale. Blood type: cava.

I feel like I’ve been following P forever. Nigh on 5/6 years I think which maybe tells you all you need to know! P is a lifestyle blogger, incredibly funny and, again, consistently posts things that I love. Also, she is FABULOUS on Twitter.

Mini Adventures
Bio: Hi! I’m Milly, a twenty-something seaside girl/adventurer living in London. I like pretty things, silliness, cocktails, pop punk, American TV drama, live music & festivals, tattoos and having as much fun as possible.

Milly’s blog is probably the most up-my-street out of this list. She blogs about fashion, music and her life in London. Her blog has been getting more and more attention recently and I’m so happy for all the opportunities she’s had thanks to it. Punk rock, cute dresses and adventures is definitely how I’d sum this page up.

Lillies and Love
Bio: This blog is my own little place on the web where I can pour out my thoughts and opinions, release the inner writer in me and share my life with the world.  I write freely and honestly and although I can’t promise that I’ll always be entertaining, I can say hand-on-heart that I will always be myself!

I love this blog and the blogger behind it. A cat lady, a not-so-stereotypical Essex girl and another blogger who is always honest, always herself and always interesting. 



  1. Ah, you are so sweet to include me in your list! It always makes me smile when someone goes out of their way to say they like my blog, so thank you so much!

    I’m going to try and make 2014 all about spreading the blog love, so this has definitely inspired me 🙂

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