The Month Ahead… January//Journal

The Month Ahead is a new monthly post where I’ll be briefly discussing my plans for the month. I always love reading posts like this and I think it’s a good way to have some insight into the blogger behind the blog. Sorry, I know that’s cheesy but it’s true!

Saturday, January 4th:
On Saturday, I’m going to the Braehead Arena with my family & boyfriend to see Braehead Clan play against Sheffield. Braehead Clan are an ice hockey team. I’ve been to one match before with a friend of mine and I surprised myself by really enjoying it! At the very least, it’ll be a unique day out.

Thursday, January 16th:
Gavin very, very kindly got me a ticket to see Lamb of God, one of my all-time favourite bands as a Christmas present so I’ll be seeing them in 2 short weeks with him and a few friends. I’m so excited and will definitely be doing some sort of write-up of the night but until then, in case you’re wondering who they are, enjoy this:

Tuesday, January 21st: 

… And I very, very kindly got Gavin and two of my closest friends tickets to see Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip. I have only recently discovered their music but I have been quoting it, putting it on repeat and recommending it to everybody for a few months now. The show will be in Arches which is definitely one of the best venues in Glasgow and was described by Amanda Palmer when she played there in 2011 as being ‘like the TARDIS!’. This is definitely another show I’ll be writing about and, because my readers are definitely not exempt from my screaming recommendations, here’s a song to get your started on the inevitable Scroobius/Dan Le Sac obsession:

I am also going to a party and most likely having friends over but it’s fair to say, January will very likely be the quietest month of the year for me! The holiday season is always followed by empty pockets… 

What are you doing this month?




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