You’ll Know You Were Loved//I Wrote This For You

This week is Random Acts of Kindness Week and I decided that for one of my acts of kindness, I’d post these around Glasgow. I wanted to make people smile, make them think, make them feel empowered and more than that, I wanted them to feel loved. I wanted them to think that somebody was thinking of them and in a way, I was. I was thinking that they deserve to be told these things, that everyone needs these reminders and no matter how corny or silly they may seem- they’re true.

I left one in the ladies toilets in Cineworld, one on my seat, one on an electricity box just by Queen Street Station and my final one was left on my seat in the actual train station. I know now, in retrospect that I should have put a hashtag on them so I could see who found them but I liked the idea of mystery. Until I saw one of them posted on Twitter and immediately told the poster that it was in fact me, oops.

Anyway, I wrote these for whoever would find them. Hopefully people who needed them most. I wrote these from the heart, as cheesy as that sounds. In the spirit of Valentines but more in the spirit of kindness and now, I’m sharing them with you. I wrote these for you. I wrote them for me, too. As long-term readers may know, I’m pretty much all about compassion and supporting people no matter what. I’m all for making the world a little brighter in even the smallest ways. I hope these brightened people’s days. I hope they’ve brightened yours.



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