I’m Sayin’ a Prayer for the Desperate Hearts Tonight //I Wrote This For You


I am having a particularly hard time at the moment. None of my problems are really long-term ones and my loved ones are all healthy so really, I shouldn’t be as bothered as I am. Sometimes though, you can feel almost like there is no escape, no ending to whatever it is that’s happening to you. Especially if a lot of things are on the line and you’re at a point where you can’t control the outcome.

Here’s the thing: no matter what happens, even if it’s the worst, as long as you’re alive, you will be okay. I say this as not only a person who has gotten through some pretty horrible stuff but also as somebody who has watched the tide turn for so many people; seen their lives eventually turn around, seen them get over or get to a stage where they can live a happy life despite all that’s happened. It does get better. Eventually. I know you don’t believe me and in all honesty, right now, neither do I but it definitely does.

Until that point, keep doing what you do. Keep doing whatever it takes to get you through and don’t apologise for looking after yourself. Just for your own sake, look after yourself. At times like this, you feel like your own worst enemy when in fact the very thing you have to be is your own best friend. You need to remember that every time you’ve been in bad situations like this, you’ve carried yourself through and you can do it again. You’re the one who got you through everything and you’re the one who will do it again and again.

Think of the worst thing that’s ever happened to you. Think of how far you’ve come since.
The title of this post is from this song: 



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