Kick Start Your Week//Music

Today in Glasgow we had blue skies and sunshine. It was freezing but it was the first sign of Spring! Great start to the week for those who have been missing the sun. I’d like to add to that great start with some great music for you. I like to think I’ve collected a good range of music to suit everybody’s tastes but as always, your comments and thoughts are welcomed.

picnic basket nosedive

photo courtesy of picnic basket nosedive

Scottish pop punk band Picnic Basket Nosedive are back with their new EP A Likely Story. Produced, mixed and mastered with Nick Scholey who has worked with Flood of Red, Yashin and Lower than Atlantis, it is out today and is undoubtedly their best work to date.

With songs about heartbreak, alcoholism, small town syndrome and lost youth, A Likely Story is everything you expect from pop punk with a heavy dose of cynicism and witty song titles including If You Can’t Handle Me at My Worst Then You Don’t Deserve Me When I’m Not Quoting Marilyn Monroe which features Ashley Cadwallader from Smalls.

Picnic Basket Nosedive have shared the stage with the likes of Hawthorne Heights, Johnny Craig, Me vs Hero and Scholars. This EP is the epitome of everything they have been working towards since 2010 and is a must have for any pop punk fan who is especially interested in supporting unsigned/local music.

To buy their EP for £4 or even just preview it, click here

sweet soubrette

photo courtesy of planetary group

Sweet Soubrette, a band that is the lovechild of Regina Spektor and Amanda Palmer have released a stunning album Burning City independently. It’s incredible. It’s a journey accompanied by beautiful, soulful vocals and an arrangement of strings, horns, drums, bass, piano and harmonies. It’s my new favourite album and I broke my rule of 3 listens before review so many times over.

The spellbinding album was inspired by everything from extreme weather to literature to love lost and gained. It has hints of cabaret as well as indie rock but in all honesty, despite comparisons made, I’d say this is the most unique and exciting album I’ve heard in a long time and I wish the band weren’t as sorely unknown as they are as travelling to Brooklyn is a little out of my price range right now. I will be keeping a close eye on them though and playing this album for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to listen to this album, click here.
To those that are close enough, catch them live on March 14th in Spike Hall, Brooklyn

frail grounds

photo courtesy of future pr

Sometimes, bands take me by surprise and Frail Grounds’s new release The Fields of Trauma was this weeks surprise. When I heard that Frail Grounds were Norwegian, I imagined black metal and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of black metal. It turns out that they are progressive metal and fucking great progressive metal, as it goes.

This has stunning melodies, obviously fantastic riffs and the vocals are second to none. I have had so much fun listening to and experiencing this album but I will say, you either wait out the whole story or don’t start at-all as this isn’t just an album. This is something that has to be experienced as one.

Find Frail Grounds here
Buy the album here (I promise you it is totally worth it!!)


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